Submitting your timesheet

How to submit your timesheet

  1. Click here for Login to create your timesheet
  2. Login using your email address and password already provided
  3. Click on ‘Contract Tab’ > ‘Job Id’ > ‘New’
  4. Select week ending from drop-down list – the week ending is always a Sunday (please refer to Peak Pay Period Information Sheet provided)
  5. Click create – this takes you to a new timesheet.
  6. Under ‘Pay Item’ from drop down list – click ‘Normal’, you will see a black drop down arrow, you will need to make sure you entre what type of shift you worked; i.e. AM/PM/Night, etc.
  7. Enter hours for each day worked then click ‘Save’ to save hours entered. Please note: do not click ‘Send’ until you are ready to submit your timesheet for approval. Hours are to be entered in 24 hour format.
  8. Once your timesheet has been approved you will receive an email.
  9. Please note you will be paid fortnightly.
  10. Payslips will be emailed to your nominated email account after each payment cycle.

Should you have any queries, please contact Nicola Saunders on:

T 02 6203 9571

M 0438 240 180

E [email protected]