Peak rewards

We want the healthcare sector to have quality recruitment services available and with Peak Rewards we want you to spread the word that Peak Healthcare Recruitment is just that, a leader in quality healthcare recruitment solutions.

Our Locum Referral Program offers you a $200 gift voucher for every referred locum friend or colleague who completes their first placement with us. All you need to do is answer the following questions to ensure you are eligible to receive your reward:

  1. Are you a registered candidate on our database?
  2. Has your friend or colleague identified you as their referrer?
  3. Is this your friend or colleague’s first placement with us? If so, they must complete their placement before you can receive your gift voucher. They must also complete their placement within six months of being referred.

If you answered yes to all of the above then you have earned your reward.

Our Permanent Referral Program rewards you with a $1,000 gift voucher for every referred friend or colleague who is accepted for a permanent placement. To be eligible, you must answer yes to questions one and two above as well as meet the below criteria:

  • Your referred friend or colleague must be contracted for a minimum of 12 months and after three months in their permanent role you will receive your reward as a sincere thank you for referring a valued Peak candidate.

There is no limit to how many friends and colleagues you can refer – the sky’s the limit so spread the word!